Our gin

Our gin

Authentic Speyside gin, carefully crafted

We make our gin with precision and craft distilling. A small batch run handcrafted in copper pot stills with the precise weighing of the botanicals ensuring consistency and a fresh botanical flavour.

Proudly descended from Speyside, Scotland

Tulchan™ Gin’s roots are the botanical flora of the estate and the unmatched distilling heritage of Speyside, home of the finest Scotch whiskies, making it an exceptional and rare spirit - a gin from whisky country.

Introducing the Tulchan™ Estate

Our home in Speyside, the House of Tulchan™, overlooks 22,000 acres of pristine lochs, moors, glens and of course the inspiration behind our blue bottle, the majestic Spey river.

Tulchan estate
Hosting throughout history

For over 100 years the House of Tulchan™ has been the chosen Highland retreat for European royalty, US Presidents and titans of industry. It is the epitome of hospitality and the inspiration behind our Tulchan™ Gin.

Tulchan Estate
A solid foundation in the centre of our estate

Provenance plays a big role in the House of Tulchan™ brand, and we’re proud to be from the Tulchan™ Estate, from Speyside and Scotland.

The flora and fauna of the estate

When talking about our gin, we should reflect the artistry behind such a delicate blend of botanicals.

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